PBL E-Light 8000 Lumen Non-Dimmable

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PBL E-Light 8000 Lumen Non-Dimmable

Product Overview


  • E-Light LED lighting is more energy efficient than standard fluorescent lights. On average 1/2 the energy cost.
  • E-Lights provide 8000 lumens of output with only 65 w atts of energy. T8 fluorescent lights require 136 watts of energy to produce 8000 lumens.
  • Dimmable models available for applications when full illumination is not needed, conserving even more energy.

Cost Saving

  • E-Lights have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, lowering maintenance costs and long-term operating costs.
  • LED life is 5-10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.
  • Exclusive enclosed design means no reed switch wiring (interlock) is required.
  • LED Retrofit kits offer an easy-to-install, economical upgrade to LED lighting in booths currently utilizing fluorescent lights.
  • Installation is achieved from inside the booth, saving time.

Truer Color

  • E-Lights provide more vibrant color with true color rendering. Offering a fuller color spectrum where color match is important.
  • E-Lights do not deteriorate over time. Fluorescent lights start deteriorating upon installation which results in cooler temperatures and reduced output.
  • E-Lights utilize a fully diffused lighting design.


  • 8000 lumen
  • Dimmable models available
  • ETL listed for U.S. and Canada
  • Class I Division 2 Groups A,B,C,D
  • Class II Division 2 Groups F,G
  • 22-Gauge steel construction with white powder coat for a high reflective finish
  • Meet and/or exceed NFPA, OSHA, and NEC requirements
  • Designed to accept either 120VAC or 277VAC power.