PBL LE485E Wide Housing (1) Row LED Light Fixture

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PBL LE485E Wide Housing (1) Row LED Light Fixture

Product Description

This LE485E is a wide housing 4' paint booth light fixture with 1 row of lighting. This is the same footprint as a 390440-3546 (4 foot 4 lamp T8 fluorescent) and the 390440-LEDS5 with the same light output. The LE485E series has a bolt on lens and does not require the relay switch to be wired back. The premise with ETL is that the LED fixture does not require on going maintenance (revamping and ballast changes) therefore the lens should not be open unless there is a failure. The fixture has a 5 year warranty, if the board or driver fail we will replace at no cost in 5 years.


Spec Sheet