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PaintBoothLights.com offers the most comprehensive selection of spray booth lights and paint booth lights in today´s online marketplace including, NEW LED Lights & Retro kits for some existing fixtures.
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About Us

Lighting is one of the most important features of any paint booth. Without consistent lighting, there tends to be shadows in the booth and on the item being painted. Poor lighting means paint colors on one panel look different from other panels when they are brought into natural light. A well-lit booth will save time and money, since a painter can avoid the rework he usually has to do when he can’t get a proper color match.

We offer the most popular inside and rear access Class 1 Division 2 paint booth lights. If you are looking to upgrade your paint booth, powder booth or paint mixing room, we can help.

We also offer Class 1 Division 1 Explosion Proof sealed fixtures, which are a great solution for concrete paint booths, paint mixing rooms, or any location that needs to be lit where you can’t recess the light fixtures into your booth or building. These lights are available in both fluorescent and LED.

Paintboothlights.com also offers wet location lights for your wash bay or parking area. Wet location lights have many useful applications and work for many projects like outdoor bars, restaurants and parking. We offer quantity discounts on your purchase so just give us a call and speak to a lighting specialist today, and we will help get you and your facility’s lighting and booth back up to code. Call 1-800-741-3051

Paintboothlights.com is always looking for new products to add to the store as well as quality content and information. If there is something that you are looking for and "can't find, please" give one of our paint booth lighting specialists a call today!

Paintboothlights.com is proud to offer the Latest in Paint Booth Lights! LED lights are the latest technology in energy savings that’s why we have added them to our growing solution of booth lighting. They can be installed and retro fitted into you’re existing booth, paint mixing room, prep station & many other pieces of finishing equipment.

Replace those old fixtures today! Get the best fixture for your needs with LED. They have a life of 50,000 hours and save 40% on energy compared to a 32 watt T-8 bulb.

Many local electrical companies as well as state and local government have REBATES available on energy saving technology. This will in many cases help you offset the cost of the upgrade to LED Booth Lights.

We have some of the best pricing on LED and T-8 fixtures in the market place today. And all of our LED fixtures include bulbs!

Order today or give us a call for more information Call 1-800-741-3051