Corner Mount Light Kit (Fluorescent)

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Corner Paint Booth Light Kit
Designed to fit in any 90 ° corner
Kit includes mounting hardware
Horizontal or Vertical Mounting Corner/Hip Light Kit (Fluorescent)
  • 4 Tube, inside access light fixture fits in any 90 degree corner 
  • Great for additional lighting where needed
  • Easy to mount... simply bolt to booth
  • Includes mounting hardware, liquid-tite conduit and connectors, 8 ft 5-lead wire whip and tube of non-silicone caulk
  • Includes 390440J-3546 Slim Light Fixture.
  • Lead Time Approximately 2 weeks

Can be installed vertically in a corner or horizontally in the hip of the booth.

Add a hip or corner style light anywhere in your booth for proper lighting where you need it!



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