86 Watt T-8 HO Rear Access Light Fixture

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86 Watt T-8 HO Rear Access Light Fixture

86 Watt T-8 HO Rear Access Light Fixture with a Universal Ballast that can be wired 120 or 277 volts.

ETL listed for U.S. and Canada
Class I Division 2 Groups A,B,C,D
T3C (160 degree C) Operating Code
Class II Division 2 Groups F,G
T3C (160 degree C) Operating Code
Listed for locations having deposits of readily
combustible paint residues.

20 Gauge steel construction with white baked enamel finish
which creates a durable, highly reflective finish.
Housing styles for either front and rear accessibility in the
Series 280, or rear access only in the Series 281.

3/16" Clear tempered glass.

Paint spray cutoff switch for each front door frame access of the Series 280.
86 watt T8HO
Can be wired in Voltages of 120, & 277 Volts.

Paint Spray Booths

All Options Ordered Separately
Panel Stiffener Kit #1728 (fits 18 gauge panels)
EM: Emergency Battery Backup Ballast
Wire Whip 8 Ft. - 5901: 3-wire (281) or 5902: 5-wire (280)


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